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Boat Adventures

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Boat Adventures

Post  Preliatus on Sun May 09, 2010 1:51 am

Short story, got it from a RP a while back. The story uses no names, but its character canon. You, if you have been reading my stories can guess who is based around what.

Kaldorei = Night Elf.

Note: This story is untitled, the title of this thread is random

The wooden cabin stood still. Unmoving except for an unconscious paladin, laying motionlessly on the bed. His chest raising and lowering as he breathes. A dark armored figure strode into the cabin, making its way over to the nightstand, resting a potion onto it. Quietly retracting its hand, it turns around. Stepping to the foot of the bed, the figure slams into wooden floor. It reaches a hand to the back of its hood, the light leather dampening from some liquid. The figure sinks into its knees more, barely breathing.

The room suddenly brightened, the darkness of the early morning slipping away as it is consumed by light. The wooden floor creaks as plate againist wood is heard. A figure steps into the lit cabin, a familar looking kaldorei rested in the shadows. Readying a strike for when its prey is close, the tall hideious bright colored plated figure stood, looking around. The Kaldorei strikes the figure on the back of its head. The loud crack of the plate is heard, the armored figure stepping forward, slamming into its knees, landing in the same spot as the shadowy figure. The kaldorei speaks, but words are not heard. The face of the light plated figure shakes its head as it silently growls. The figure stands up, slightly, slumping its weight onto one leg. It looks to the kaldorei and nods. The kaldorei nods in excitement, and steps towards the opening of the cabin. The light plated figure gestures for the kaldorei to stop, asking for something. The kaldorei stops, turning around. It hastenly makes a ring, handing it to the figure, and then walking out of the cabin. The light armored figure looks at the ring within its hand. Stuffing it into its left gauntlet, looking around and stepping out of the cabin.

The shadowy figure painfully stood up, looking around the bright cabin, walking out of it. The cold morning sea air filled its lungs as it looks around. The light of day fading into the dark moonlight, it reaches outside of the deck of the boat. Walking over to the three barrels next to the mast post, it sits down. Rubbing the back of its head, it speaks quietly. "I dislike this boat." It looks towards the cabin once more, leaning back onto the barrels. Its eyes staying open, and observing the dark sky.


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