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Consideration and consistency

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Consideration and consistency Empty Consideration and consistency

Post  fdarr on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:11 pm

There are a few comments I would like to make.
It is human nature that when people do things over and over it becomes a habit, a part of their life. We would like Covenant raiding to become a part of the members' life that want to raid. For this to happen the high level raids should occur on a definite schedule that is convient to most of the players that want to raid and it seems that Friday evening and Saturday afternoon are good times. We should also schedule occasional raids IN ADDITION at other times for those that can't make the Friday/Saturday raids. The Friday/Saturday raids should occur every week at the same general time. When ten players sign up for a raid it should take place at the time scheduled as a coutesy to those that have taken the time to rearrange their RL schedules so they will be ready to raid. We all know and understand that RL events can cause a person not to be able to attend the raid but there should be a procedure so that the raid can take place as scheduled with a substutute for the missing person even if the missing person is the designated raid guide.
I assume that it is the goal of this guild to help each member get the most enjoyment from playing WoW and thus the guild wants to help members level, get the gear they want and to obtain the acheivements they desire including being a good raid guide. I think we need a regular program to encourage the development of players that want to be raid guides. They should lead lesser guild raids and then when they have shown their capabiliteis, they should be assigned major guild raids. If this occurs we not only help those that want to develope their raid guiding capabilities but also have a number of players that can lead a raid when the designated guide can not make the raid. Raids should never be cancelled or postponed. If necessary the dungeaon raided may have to be changed but the raid should occur as scheduled.
In addition we should have lower levle raids for those that need to get the gear or practice raiding for mains and alts.
Please let us be considerate of the other members of the guild.

After meeting July 23, 2010:
The meeting tenatively decided that to accomodate the European group there will be raids early on Fridays and continue Saturday. Other raid times were discussed but this seemed to be the best for those present at the meeting. Other raids for lower level toons were discussed but no definitive plan was decided on.

I suggest that the guild leader produce an entry on the forum that covers high level raid schedule, lower level raid procedures and raid guide procedures.

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Consideration and consistency Empty Yep!!

Post  Whiskeytango on Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:04 am

I couldnt agree more, this guild is not about individuals its about the whole!

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