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Dear Sprout (Or someone equalivelient if Sprout isn't here, or Myre): What is a good spec for leveling a shaman?

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Dear Sprout (Or someone equalivelient if Sprout isn't here, or Myre): What is a good spec for leveling a shaman?

Post  Preliatus on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:34 pm

Dear Sprout (Or someone equalivelient if Sprout isn't here, or Myre),

I've gone through my class played lists and have found out that even after 3 expansions and a lot of alts I still have not touched the shaman, now as a question what is a good spec to level it as?

I want the power of Bloodlust at my side in those top tier raids and dungeons. Able to fill my raid/dungeon group with unspeakable power and watch the enemy get on their knees and wither in a pain that most of us can't comprehend.

Responce needed, slap in the face for not being online and active in the guild is highly optional.

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Re: Dear Sprout (Or someone equalivelient if Sprout isn't here, or Myre): What is a good spec for leveling a shaman?

Post  Myre on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:37 pm

Well, what you want to play as can highly factor in to the spec. if you want to be ranged DPS, melee DPS, or a healer. But, purely leveling?

Restoration would be a bad move unless you plan to take on big mobs by yourself. Restoration is highly capable of single-manning creatures like Chillmaw at level 80, due to their high survivability (and certain talents), in addition to earth shield, riptide, and healing stream totem. They'll be able to take big mobs, but will be slow in killing them.

Enhancement has little downtime due to high mana regens, so if you want to knock through mobs, I suggest taking Enhancement as your leveling spec. It will let you deal high burst damage, while keeping mana up in order to reduce downtime. and in a pinch, you can cast healing wave instantly with maelstrom weapon.

Elemental will do, it has a bit out of each, you'll be able to take strong mobs and heal yourself with ease, still keep going with little downtime and burst through mobs, but it isn't as fast as enhancement (you may need mana breaks until you get thunderstorm, for example), and not as durable as restoration (no improved healing stream totem, riptide, or earth shield) but if you want to take on higher level mobs to get more xp, elemental may work.

In the end? Take enhancement, low downtime, high burst damage, and in later talent tiers a good way to keep yourself up and running without any break.

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