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Post  Whiskeytango on Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:38 am

So this morning I was in the rehearsal meeting for MA (Mission Analysis Briefing) before the BUB (Battle Update Briefing) and the real MA with the BN CDR (Battalion Commander) so as I was in the briefing before the briefing and praying for the LORD's return I started tracking our jargon...IED (Improvised Explosive Devise), VBIED (Vehicle Borne IED), SVBIED (Suicide VBIED), RCIED (Remote Controlled IED), C-IED (Counter IED), PPIED (Pressure Plate IED), VOIED (Vehicle Operated IED), HME (Homemade Explosives), IDF (Indirect Fire), DF (Direct Fire) and then it just got crazy...MASCAL, HUMINT, HCT, HCAS, ANSF, GIRoA, PIR, IPR, CoISTS, TAI, CPOF, ISR, EOD, RFI, Predator, Raven, Shadow, Cougar, Husky, Rhino, Buffalo, TTP, PCI, PCC, CCIR, CWIED, AWT, CAS, SAF, ILENS, RCP, CCA, COA, TCP, NMC, EWO, NIPR, SIPR, BFT, CURJ, IO, FRAGO, OPORD, AO, TF, CP, TASKORD...and thats jus one meeting...geez?!

So we lost a "Raven" one of our unmaned planes we remote control...so everything has stopped and the whole BN is looking for our downed plane...hopefully with me left behind I can find some WoW...YES!!!

Miss yall...we need to get back to the essence of Covenant...our Covenant with each other..."the needs of the many out weigh those of the few or the one."

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Post  Blackie on Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:23 pm

I'm feeling really good today. I'm going to try to play a bit later on.

I was reading something about the wiki leaks (which I personally think was an attempt to attack the US just as much as a bomb is) And it was really hard to get through some of the Army Acronym crazy. The AC was raped. That was Afghan Civilian. Then the AC complained and was shot by the bad cops. (who also all had letters) At first I thought they killed the original AC but then they said "he" was dragged out of the station so he must have been AC2 maybe a dad. Leaving aside how we spent billions training the same freaking types of people we did in Vietnam how do you guys distinguish the acronym people in these reports.


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