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LK Phase 2 Empty LK Phase 2

Post  Marisela on Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:34 am

Okay guys, I was just informed that there's an ICC run for today, and I wanted to add a suggestion since I can't be there.

My boss's guild was able to pass phase two by doing the following:

When phase 2 starts, everyone needs to get in the center as tight as can be in front of the LK. When a valkyrie chooses a player, at that point, spread so that the black circle thingy-majig, (like my fancy words?), doesn't wipe the raid, and just repeat this till phase 3. By getting tight & personal with your fellow players, it will allow all dps to use whatever they can to a) slow the valkyrie down, and b) KILL THEM!

This phase can last a few minutes, hey, it is the LK we're talking about here, so go in knowing you may be there a while to get the ice jerk down.

Please excuse typos or misspelled words because I'm writing this post via phone and at work. If this is all muddy, email me at mari_celam@yahoo.com, or contact Hestral... I think he was listening when I told him about it, but we were watching Top Gear when I did so who knows.

Good Luck!


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