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Myre Shandersey Character Sheet

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Myre Shandersey Character Sheet

Post  Myre on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:56 pm

Name: Myre Shandersey
Age: 29 (Human years)
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman
Specializations: Primary Restoration-Secondary Elemental
Professions: Enchanting

Weaponry: A moderately-sized mace, with the head made out of Jagged, shattered, blue crystal is tied to Myre's belt on his left hand side. Sheathed in a soft leather pouch on the right hand side of his belt is a Sharp Dagger, polished and kept in pristine condition. A large, but plain metal shield rests strapped to his back.

Armor: Myre wears thick, dark clothing that generally covers his body and hides his face. If he is in combat, heavy mail armor with dark black and blue designs arcing across it, and a helmet that hides his hair and all but his eyes. When not in combat, it is usually heavy gray leather or fur robes and clothes, loosely fitting but hiding his body all the same.

Physical Appearance: Myre is a generally careless looking person with a helter skelter appearance. He has long black hair worn into a ponytail, but it flies off into all sides without organization. His eyes are a dark hazel color, almost seeming black at first glance. Myre's body is leaner than the usual Draenei and less muscular, but thinner and more lithe. He has a large scar across his throat that he takes care to hide when possible.

Personality: Myre is a quiet and observant person, preferring to keep to himself rather than deal with others. He doesn't let others into his business often, but when he does, he attempts to keep himself at a distance with them. His friends he has a small feeling of family for, but he will rarely let this appear beyond a smart-ass remark or a slightly kinder reaction.
Myre is a bit cold-hearted, and understands that sacrifices must be made to accomplish what's needed. If there is a greater goal to be met, Myre will strive to meet it. He prefers to move in groups as he relies heavily on his allies to protect him, but Myre tends to be alone in these groups, forcing himself into the corner and remaining quiet and isolated from the group beyond what is neccesary.
Myre also has training as a leader in the Alliance army, and has the capability to be a powerful strategist, but is often muddled by confused thoughts.
Myre is very physical with his attitude, and it is easier to read him through his actions rather than his words. If you happen to garner an emotional response from him as well, Myre tends to keep it subdued in most cases. Although when the emotion boils, Myre can have violent reactions.


Myre hails from the Shandersey line, a long and storied family, but it's history has been lost to battle, time, and force. Myre himself has lost the knowledge of his name beyond that it used to mean something. Shandersey is nothing but a word to Myre, but it's a word that he claims he will uphold and make it shine more brilliantly than the brightest gem of Azeroth.

The closest thing to a past Myre can recall is his past in the Alliance Army, serving in Alterac Valley in many battles as a medic to the wounded soldiers, choosing to stay back from the battle, claiming he did not want to participate in the slaughter of Horde, who have done him no wrong.

This served him well, until one battle had forced the Stormpike to call for reinforcements, and every soul was decked for battle and put into the fight. Myre had competed with a fury never before seen, never allowing one of his allies to fall, and carrying the army almost single-handedly to sweep over the Valley and obliterate the enemy.

The leader of the Stormpike, Vanndar Stormpike, noticed Myre's help vastly changing the tide of the battle, and reccomended him to the king of stormwind. Through a chain of reccomendations, meetings, and discussions, Myre grew from a simple medic to a trained battle-healer for the Alliance, leading his own squads and armies into some of the Alliance's most vital battles.

Myre's reputation had grown, near to the point of a Hero of the Alliance. He eventually gained the title of Ambassador of Alliance, and had a hand in most all matters that the Alliance would be concerned in.

Sadly, Myre fell when on one venture into Tirisfal Glades as part of a treaty attempt with the Horde, he was goaded into battle with a Forsaken commoner and was held prisoner until his allies were able to persuade the Dark Lady Sylvannas Windrunner into freeing him, pleading his importance and his great skill in diplomacy and speaking.

Sylvannas took this plea to heart, releasing Myre at the cost of his silver tongue. As Myre was released into the custody of his original party, an Abomination and one of the forsaken Apothecaries were ordered to remove Myre's voice, as painful as was doable while being humane.

a combination of magic and pure, blunt force leads to Myre in a week-long coma. His allies brought the Shaman to the Alliance, and when the news was announced, Myre's name was slandered. He was discharged from the Army, his titles stripped, and his reputation ruined. For months after the event, Myre was forced into a state of constant isolation as people would avoid him whenever possible.

Myre's personality changed, where he was once an outgoing, happy and bright person, he drew into himself and became depressed, dark, and secretive. It took awhile, but as the news faded from the public's knowledge, Myre calmed as well, but he would never return to himself. Myre became a sullen, silent, and observant person that feels a small disconnect from the world.

Myre, although stripped of his reputation, retained his abilities, leadership skills, and himself. These, he uses to his advantage to do what he believes he can. He doesn't feel much of a connection to things anymore, only that he should do what he believes he should. Myre will strive to do what he believes is right not to the Alliance, Horde, or any other faction or person, but to himself.

Allies: =Covenant=
-Myre has found a home in the guild of Covenant, although how he's come to it he does not quite understand. The people of Covenant were naturally attracted to him, and he's found himself in a position of power, although he rarely will do more than act as a quiet leader for his allies, or utilize them to progress further in his own training, concerns, and plans.

Enemies: =No enemies currently=

Romance: =No significant others currently=

Additional Notes: (-)Myre is Mute. He communicates through notes and actions, always carrying a few pens and notebooks in his pack, but is incapable of speaking beyond a few hoarse sounds.
(-)Myre has an affinity for writing, drawing, and music. He tends to appreciate art and occasionally creates some of his own as well.
(-)Myre uses mana in a unique way, whenever he wishes to cast a spell or utilize his mana pool, small strands of blue energy will wrap around his hands, and he will manipulate them into whatever he wishes to cast. This comes from a deep shamanistic training and harnessing of his abilities. Often, you can see the strands of Mana appearing and dissapearing about him on a normal basis, weaving around his entire body.

To use Myre as a character in one of your stories, RPs, or otherwise, please contact Me and inform me of both what you plan to do, how you plan to use Myre in the story, whether he will be villain, hero, or otherwise, and any other information that may be useful to know. I don't mind using him for you, but I'd like to know and have a hand in how he is portrayed as a character.

A crumpled piece of paper lays strewn and forgotten on the floor. Written with excellent handwriting in deep black ink. It starts:

"Those who can speak, are blind. and those who aren't blind, can't speak. It's a sad truth, one you should do well to remember."

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