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make your own Spells!

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make your own Spells!

Post  Myre on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:38 pm

Okay, I saw this thread awhile back on another forum and thought it was a great idea. Come on people, I wanna hear from you!

Create your own spells or abilities. You can be as specific or vague as you'd like, ranging from giving us the exact mana cost and gold cost to train or what tier of talents to learn it from, or not even tying the ability to a class.

My own personal contribution is:

SHAMAN SPELL: Learned at level 85
Chain Spirit: The Shaman channels part of their spirit into their Spell, allowing it to arc across enemy and ally alike at the Shaman's will.
This ability will act as a Chain heal-Chain lightning mix.
If you target an Ally, the ability will heal them, and then arc to a nearby enemy to deal damage to them.
If you target an enemy, It will deal damage to them and then arc to a nearby ally to heal them.

Talents and glyphs can improve the damage or healing, number of arcs. One could have it so that when you crit with the first part of the spell (Example: Crit heal on your tank) then the second part of the spell will be applied twice (Example: The Lightning bolt will chain to two enemies)

A crumpled piece of paper lays strewn and forgotten on the floor. Written with excellent handwriting in deep black ink. It starts:

"Those who can speak, are blind. and those who aren't blind, can't speak. It's a sad truth, one you should do well to remember."

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Warlock spell

Post  admin on Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:19 pm

Gained at lvl 40

Consume Lifeforce - Channeled spell that combines both the life drain and mana drain spell that when you cast it consumes in equal amounts life and mana returning a percentage of both to the caster. If the target has no mana, no mana is gained.

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