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Suggested raid organization

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Suggested raid organization

Post  fdarr on Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:59 pm

Lately there has been some confusion and problems with raids listed on the calendar. I have some suggestions on how some of this can be avoided.
The guild "raid leader" really should be the "guild raid organizer" whose responsibilty is to select a raid, its leader and backup leader for the guild raids. All suggestions for raids and comments about raids should be sent to the organizer via wow mail, direct whispers, or vent. The organizer should make sure that appropriate players get to be raid leaders and some rotation amoung these players should be established. Players not on the rotation should request being considered for the position and assigned to lower raids to develop their skills as necessary before being assigned to major raids. All members may request raids from the raid organizer and he or she will schedule accordingly.
The guild raid organizer will enter raid information on the wow calendar listing the assigned leader and backup and will list raid in motd the day before the raid.
Everyone should be ready for raid 15 minutes before the raid time and have vent up even if just to listen without being able to talk on vent (no microphone/headset).
The player leading the raid has absolute control of raid and can boot any player that is causing friction. A separate room for the raid will be used for all guild raids and only members of raid or players invited to help by the leader shall be in the vent room. If possible comments and questions during the raid shall be typed in raid chat (from time of ready check to death of all mobs or wipe).
Guild raids will occure on time. If there is not enough players or the wrong mix for the designated raid, the leader will choose an alternate raid or PUG as necessary at the descretion of the leader. (Remember the leader has absolute control).
Any member of the guild may place there own raids on the wow calendar but they are responsible to be sure that a leader is available 15 minutes before the raid.
These are just some of my suggestions and I hope they provide a springboard for establishing a solid, fun raid environment.


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Re: Suggested raid organization

Post  admin on Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:17 pm

That is some good suggestions, I like that. will put more thought into this and address it more soon, just wanted to let you know you have been heard and it is being thought about.

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Re: Suggested raid organization

Post  Myre on Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:02 pm

Agreed, Thank you very much for your input on the raid Fdarr. I'll make sure to give it some thought and discuss it a bit with others.

If I may offer my opinion on it alone here:

One of the common things we've discussed as a warning is having too many leaders, and hence too many conflicting ideas, etc. It's something to take into consideration when addressing this.

The 15 minutes before raid login is a good idea that we've begun to adopt. I will say that it is much better than our previous rule, which was 15 minutes after posted raid time and your raid spot is given up. That said, I am still a bit curious as to whether this could or should be modified slightly. Do we need more room for error, or less? Is it perfect as is, or does it need a little look? I will say it's done wonders, but I (and others) should see if it is an adequate rule for our typical raid, or could be modified a bit.

A secondary raid leader in case the first one for that raid is absent for whatever reason, is something I've thought about before. I had implied that Revenance or Lladnaea, as raid leaders, would take that role, were they signed up, but had never specifically said that. With all the other stuff going on, I never got around to it. Thank you for bringing it up.
I stand by the opinion that, unless the leader of the raid stated otherwise, if they are absent, then any guild raid leader that is present should take authority of the raid. Like I said, i only gave it a few thoughts and then got wrapped up in other things, so It's just my idea there.

Ventrilo, I've always felt shouldn't be required, but would be helpful. This was back when Ventrilo was still new, however, and it seems most of our members have adapted to it. I'm wary of making it a required thing, but I'm not unwilling to, either. I just believe it's something that should be strongly suggested, and worked around otherwise.

The "raid organizer" idea was something the officers had discussed before, but it's still rather unclear as to what we have/will/plan to do. I'll say it's been addressed, and was met with relatively positive reactions, as to anything else concerning it, I can't say, we would have to discuss it again.

Thank you much for the response, Fdarr.

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Raid requirements??

Post  Altrenis on Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:43 am

Good day to all. Raids are a unique situation whereby each person in the raid has a specific function as part of the team. As such no hunter would go into a raid without ammo, a tank without his main weapon, etc. So I think the guild leaders should decide on as small a core size as possible of add ons for raiding. Now some of you will say, my computer is too slow to run all those add ons, but for the specific toon doing the raid at the time, just turn off all the other addons u don't need, just use the raid add ons. That will free up memory for your computer and hopefully give you a better experience.


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Re: Suggested raid organization

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