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Post  Blackie on Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:04 pm

Ok, just by coming here and reading this you've shown you have enough interest in WoW to learn how to play better. On Saturday we're going to be checking out Specs, Gear, and Rotations on the training dummies in Ironforge (Or Darnassus if IF is crowded). We've been able to help one player add more than 2,000 dps to his raid performance already. If you're nervous go visit the dummy yourself and time yourself. Two minutes will give you a reasonable idea what kind of damage you're doing. If you don't have recount ask someone who does to go down with you. Now the great thing is that in a real raid with full buffs and raid synergy you're gonna do more damage than you can on the dummy. If you want to raid the game expects you to meet certain standards. If the numbers aren't there then eventually the tanks and healers are going to go down. Many encounters like the one we did in Naxx on Sunday are actually designed to fail if DPS isn't producing enough. Some bosses beserk others just start doing so many tricky things we can't keep up with them so producing the proper amount of damage is crucial.

This is not a pass fail test btw. This is tweaking peformances. Our healers have been hitting other raids and testing out their spells in the AV and IOC raids to tweak their performance and our tanks are getting battered every day in dungeons. If you're interested in healing head into AV and see where you are on the healing board at the end of the match. If you're interested in tanking call out in Guild Chat that you're wanting to tank and we'll see if you're up to snuff in Heroics.


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