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Untitled - Brain process story.

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Untitled - Brain process story.

Post  Preliatus on Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:28 pm

This story is a quick, non-editted process story. Typed ideas in order. It is grammar error filled, and I have no intentions on editting it. Preliatus, in character is a mary sue type, but I am editting him constantly so he has more flaws, and less perfections.

Yes, he is a dragon, but not super powerful per say. In WoW raiding standards it could take a 5-man group to kill him. Yes, the character is immortal, but by blizzard's terms. He is immune to aging, poisons, and some diseases, but he can still die.

Edit: Added the italics, and some bolding. To note as well, this is not Character canon.
The warrior stood there, he was in the middle of Dun Morogh almost at the same spot where he had hired a warlock to presaude his beloved that he had been killed. About two years later at that same spot he regrets it, he holds the air and bows his head almost like caressing someone or something. He had been standing there for hours regretting that the reason she left was caused by his mistake. He heard something walking around in the snow. The snow fresh and crisp crunching under the waist of what it was. The warrior for the first time in hours released his position and looked around. He saw nothing except for a Necroplis looming overhead sending creatures of the scourge down onto the lands. He thumbled through a bag of arcane crystals looking for a certain one. He grabs one and sets it on the ground, it shoots up a beam of purple energy into the sky followed by a harmless pink explosion. He gazed at the scene and almost begun to cry.

It was stormwind. A few months have they had fallen in love, the canal area was busy they stood side by side for a moment staring in the canals. The human in the image sighed a bit, he turned to the night elf next to him. "I do not feel safe here.. How about somewhere else. I do not like any form of cities." He said in his old happy hearty tone. The night elf paused for a moment, "Preliatus do not let this city stop you from kissing me." the night elf pulled Preliatus into a kiss.

Just as he saw that image he heard the battle cry of a ghoul. It rushed out from the image, rushed at him and crushes the arcane crystal with its step. The warrior now fully aware that another Scourge invasion might be happening. He dodges the charge by quickly stepping to the side. He looks at the image once more and sheds a single tear. Gaining back his focus he roars in rage and unshealths the two Claymores of Stormwind, the massive blades taller then him in thier length, he gripped in each hand. He growled and charged the ghoul, in pure rage he slices the ghoul cutting his spine, as well as striking down and killing a poor dwarf. He looks up at the sky and breathes heavily, he always hoped he would not be along on this day if it did happen again. He shoots his vision infront of him to see a single Death Knight surrounded by a few new unrecongizible ghouls. The ghouls themselves were covered in armor, snarling they charge as the Death Knight points at Preliatus. The eight ghouls charge running at full speed at Preliatus. He cuts them down where they stood, flashing a smirk at the Death knight as it shoots a shadowy hand at Preliatus pulling him across the mangled bodies to melee range of the Death Knight. "Young warrior sees much rage in himself. You will make a perfect candiate for an elite soldier of the king." The undead human snarled. Pulling out quickly a tainted dagger and stabbing it into the warrior. The warrior painfully groans. He drops both claymores and then unshealths a small hammer glimmering with golden light. He whacks the undead human on the head. The death knight disappearing before his eyes in a golden searing light. The warrior kneels down painfully and picks up the claymores strapping them to his back he walks toward Ironforge. "Wrong day to piss off a warrior of Draconic decent.. Ner'zul! I'm coming for you and your host." Preliatus yelled. His body turning into a dragon quickly in a puff of black smoke he was gone.

They havent met yet. A warrior was talking with a scholar of stormwind, she brought up her name was Tragedia and that there might be a slave hunter in stormwind waiting for him. "I'll watch my back. I'll keep out for the hunter." the warrior spoke in a gentle voice. He walked out and mounted on a ram with white fur. He rode out towards Stormwind to check on a few things. After reaching an alley the warrior dismounts and coaxs his ram to run away. He smelled something in the air, a night elf prehaps. He stepped inside and proceeded to shuffle through a book case as an Night elven hand holding a dagger. The dagger itself pressing on the neck of the warrior. The warrior semi-annoyed grabs the hand and throw the owner of it along with the hand itself into the book case infront of him. He snarls and speaks in his native tongue, Draconic. After a struggle the warrior turns his right hand into a dragonclaw and begins to etch glyphs and draconic words into the skin of the Night elf. "Tell me your name.." The warrior said as he was doing so. The night elf choked on the words herself, but managed to say her name and position. "I'm Desparia of the Dragonslayer clan." she teared as what she was going through was painful. The warrior smiled and responded. "I'm Highlord Preliatus Mortalitas. Since you have attempted to kill a noble, you're going to be my slave." Preliatus spoke throwing the elf from the ground and into some stairs. He waves farewell to the elf and continues out the door.

The dragon himself wasnt paying attension, he opened his eyes just in time to fly down at the ground mere yards from hitting a tower at Icecrown. The dragon managed to land right at the opening to the throne room, he transformed back into his human form. Looking down at his waist he pulls the dagger out of the plate armor of his belt and legguards. He growls and runs down the throne room, thinking of all the times he was happy and "complete". He came to a group of slender, agile and faster ghouls called giests. He had drawn his heavy claymores, failing to miss the giests as they appears all around him slashing, cutting and breaking his armor. He forcused for a moment and did a massive bladestorm. Cutting the giests into small pieces. He looked down the corridor and saw the unholy presence of King Arthas Menethil. The warrior charges down the corridor and into the throne room. He collides with Arthas in the back, throwing him into the presence that he was under attack. He jumps back and throws both claymores at Arthas in anger. The lich king shattering them with Frostmourne. "You weak fool.. you believed you could beat me in a simple duel?" Arthas cackled. "Poor human.. This is going to be your grave." Arthas then laughed. The warrior yelled back at him. "I am Highlord Preliatus Mortalitas! I come to weaken you and attempt to kill you prince!" Preliatus yelled, he resisted the fact to keel over, as most of his ribs were cracked, shattered or not in existance. Arthas laughed at the comment and walked over to Preliatus as he jumped back, transformed into a dragon and charged Arthas from above. The lich king managing to hold his sword above his head and impale the dragon as it hit. The force still crushing him into the floor. Kneeling the lich king stands up and pours unholy fire onto the dragon, making his scales and skin melt. Preliatus knowing he has finally met his end died during the melting of his flesh.

The two were together for sometime, except when he left her for reasons still unknown to him. He ordered a warlock to take conjured pieces of Preliatus and find Desparia, give her the freighting news and then leave. This did go as planned. Wasn't there to hear the conversation. After hearing that Desparia left aswell he went into a rage to find her. After two years of searching he gave up and claimed that she had died.

This was the last thought he had as he died. He awoke in a clouded room he wore only a thin pair of cloth pants. The room was cold and painful to stand in. He felt alone, he always thought he would run into Desparia here. He was alone, no one else. He thought to himself. "I wronged myself.. she was alive. I am now dead and I cant be with her.. If only I searched harder." he thought in his mind. A flash of purple light filled his mind as he felt himself fall. In s shock he awoke on a table surrounded by parts of Undead soldiers inside of a Necroplis. He immediately thought "I'm.. a Death knight.." He faded back into his sleep and silently cried.

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Post  mackman on Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:35 am

That's awesome.

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