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Dark Corridors of the Mind, Part 1.

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Dark Corridors of the Mind, Part 1.

Post  Preliatus on Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:37 pm

This one is a WIP. The draconic is insults, and I lost the translations.

~This might be a bit vague in most places, but it will be fixed accordingly~

"Master! You're late!" A gnome stated in frusteration. Wearing dirty robes covered in various stains some of which he did not know what caused them. "What did the master want with the Venefikus anyways?" The wounded warrior looked down at the gnome and smirked. "I wish for you to start work on the potion I thought of many years ago before I murdered your uncle Loosescrew." The human coughed as he spit up black goo from his throat. He walked deeper into the humid, and slightly dark cave. After a portion of human height walk ways it branched out into a huge room. Bigger than a dragon, but with small walkways for other small humanoids. The human spoke silently, two dragon wings sprouted out of his back, allowing him to safely glide to the bottem of the cave. "Venefikus. You know the room. Get me the recipe and anything else you might need." The gnome waddled down the path to the bottem. Venefikus kneeled down and crawled through a small hole in the wall. "Master. I'm suprised you still own most of this rubbish. Stale dragon eggs, old potions of plague left out in the humid air. I wonder what it would do now." After a moment a shriek of joy is heard. "Master! You still have the Dwarven Stout from Grim Batol! Can I scrape off the poor dwarf and open it?!" Preliatus slowly out of human instinct covered his face with a palm. "Sure you can Venefikus. Just make sure to pour a barrel for me." Shortly a small box is pushed out of the hole. Followed by the cask of brew. Venefikus crawls out afterwards and hugs his master's leg. "If you're going to drink this I'll miss you." The gnome let go and quickly lifted the lid off the box. The gnome grasped a few bits of paper and some vials. He quickly rushed upwards to the caverns above. Lighting each with a simple flick of fire. Preliatus limped over to a table and sat down. Writing on pieces of parchment with complaints or compliments to other people. "Master. Do we have extra dragon scales? I can't seem to find.. Here they are. Ignore my interrupted question."

Preliatus got to one letter and could not think of anything to write. He buried his face into his palms and cried. How could he decieve his beloved once more.. even after she returned? How could he tell the truth to her? He grabbed the parchment and threw it to the side. "Venefikus I'll be in my main chamber if you need me." Preliatus turned and walked into a cavern. He glided down to the bottem, a single platform below stood surrounded by molten earth. He stood there for a moment. He weeped once before transforming into his dragonform. He curls up and sleeps. His dreams once again not being shown.

Venefikus hurried to destroy everything, but suprisingly taking ease. He ran across a vial of uncorrupted life blood. He drank it giving him a slight head ache and forcing him to pass out.


"Tichar az me? Asj ze? Maz mannor xi kiel xi rikk melarnagas!*" he spoke in fluent draconic. Carving glyphs into his flesh looking around every few moment for any followers. The pain welcoming to his rage. Each curve, or line he carved did not seem painful. A line of blood seeping down his arm and onto the stone below. Making no sound except uncontrolled guttural growls of anger.

He thought of earlier where Kayaneia stopped him of his ritual. She thought it was not right. He spoke again. "Kiel aman maz amir? Maz xi ashj u ante ashke." His tone darker than the last sentence. He cringed as he felt the talon in his flesh scrape the bone. He pulled the talon out and looked around once more. He sealed the glyph shut, and spoke. He fell to his knees in pain, and watched the forest around him disappear. Slumping down into the grass covered stone he slepted in his forced state of unconscienceness.

~The cave~
Venefikus awoke in pain. He fumbled around until he regained his senses. He looked around the cave and noticed his master's hearthstone blinking bright red. "No no.. You said you could not perish!" Venefikus quickly grabbed the stone. Using it to make a small portal to stormwind.


The gnome appeared at the gates of stormwind. He looked around eyeing the adventurers sparing, and pointlessly fighting. The gnome pulled out a remote attached to an an arcalight spanner. A mechnostride ran through the sparring 'children' and to Venefikus. He rode off into the forest the stone next to the gear shifter on his mechnostrider slowly started to rarely blink.

"Master. You unintelligent sheep." the gnome cursed at the stone. Still riding pointlessly through the forest. After coming across what he thought was a medium pile of rocks he saw his master's face. The gnome hopped off the mechnostrider and checked for a pulse. His pulse barely there and slowly fading. The gnome pulled out a small pocket book filled with notes, and other scribblings.

Venefikus conjured up an ice shard. He looked across his masters arms for the glyph in his hand book. After looking at near hundreds of them he found it. Gripping the ever frozen ice shard he pushed into the flesh and started to carve out the glyph. Quickly cutting out the chunk of flesh. The gnome pulled out the glyphed flesh and sighed. He checked for a pulse again.

His pulse slowly reviving to normal. The gnome grabbed his wand and seared his flesh together over the glyph. "Sleep well master." He said before leaving his master's stone next to his face. The gnome then teleported away.

The same dream came to him.

He was spending time with his beloved. Joyful, and happy. Suddenly Cori appears, she points at his beloved and two people take her hostage. Cori suddenly pulls out a rifle and fires slug after slug into his chest. Desparia watches in horror in restraints as Cori happily smirks as she fires. He falls down and coughs turning his head to his sweet Desparia before shutting his eyes. The last he sees out of his eyes is his beloved running to his side.

Preliatus awakes. Wiping a tear from his cheek, and looking around his cave. He heard Venefikus speak of him over his hearthstone. Arising slowly from the Dragonskin covered bed he looks around his cavern. Spotting an obsidian stone he grabs onto it and smirks. His armor appearing on his body as he teleports away.

He thought of another dream he had from awhile ago. He was sitting at a fire waiting for his Beloved to appear to talk with him. Three shadows appeared. One in the shape of a Kaldorei and the other two undescribable. He stood up and looked at the figures as all three of them fired at him. His last vision the same as the recent dream. Seeing his beloved run towards him.

He arrived at Wyrmrest just intime to assist Kassandrine with speaking with Alexstraza the Life-Binder.

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So the little mage makes his appearance in your stories

Post  mackman on Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:28 am

I wonder, Where do you come up with these?

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