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The Blood Prince Council

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The Blood Prince Council

Post  admin on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:27 pm

* 2 tanks – one take Keleseth, one takes Taldaram and Valanar
* 3 healers in 10 man, 6 or so in 25 man – add healers here to keep everyone alive as this is not a dps race.
* You can only damage one Prince at a time – the prince with Invocation of Blood (and more than 1 hp) – and their moving health pool is shared
* Avoid any white swirly things on the floor (Shock Vortex)
* Assign 1 dps with a pet/2 dps (a couple more in 25 man) to juggle the Kinetic Bombs. These will float in the air as long as someone does occasional direct damage to them (not DoTs). If they land they do a lot of damage.
* The Keleseth tank should split his time between gaining aggro on Keleseth and collecting the Dark Nucleus that float around the room. You should have at least 3 on you at all times, preferably 4 or 5. This tank will take damage for each Nucleus they have.
* When Prince Valanar is active he casts Empowered Shock Vortex. When he starts the cast everyone should immediately spread out as much as possible (ranged should stay spread, melee should run).
* When Prince Taldaram is active he casts Empowered Ball of Flames on a target. Everyone should be standing at melee range (won’t get targetted) or maximum range. Everyone nearby except the tank should follow under the ball to suck power from it so that when it hits, it hits for less damage (a full power Empowered Ball of Flames will one shot your ranged). It will get smaller. When the ball hits it does splash damage so don’t run all the way to the target unless its essential. This damage is not shared.
* When Prince Keleseth becomes active he will do massive damage spikes to his tank, which should be mitigated by the Dark Nuclei. Use cooldowns on this Prince. The tank should watch for incidental melee AoE as this can damage the Nuclei.
* The trick to this fight is to manage the items above and just dps when its safe. You’ll never hit the enrage timer. Just deal with each thing as it presents itself and they will die.

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