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Instructor Razuvious Tactics

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Instructor Razuvious Tactics

Post  Myre on Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:13 pm

"Pay attention. This is Instructor Razuvious, Kel'Thuzad's appointed trainer of all death knights. It is said that his own technique is so potent, only a disciple of his could possibly withstand his might." - Commander Eligor Dawnbringer

Instructor Razuvious is a unique boss fight, as his strikes are near impossible to survive, and the raid must use alternative means of tanking him to survive the fight. The whole fight will be spent mind controlling two Death Knight Understudies and using them as tanks. The Tanks should be mind controlling the Understudies, respectively.

Unbalancing Strike - A melee attack that deals 350% weapon damage and hits for approximately 100,000 physical damage after mitigation and leaves the target unbalanced , reducing its defense by 100 for 6 seconds.
This ability is will only be striking the Death Knight Understudies. The Tanks should use their Understudy's taunt ability when Razuvious uses Unbalancing Strike on one of the Understudies. The Tank NOT affected by Unbalancing Strike should taunt Razuvious off of the Tank that IS affected by Unbalancing Strike.

Jagged Knife - Razuvious will use this every ~10 seconds, inflicting 5,088 to 5,912 Physical damage and applying a DoT for another 2000 damage every 1 second, for 5 seconds. Used on random player in line of sight.
This ability forces the Healers to focus on other raid members in addition to the Understudies. The occasional heal and a HoT on the affected player should keep them in check, but don't let them fall too low in health.

Disrupting Shout - Every ~15 seconds Razuvious will use Disrupting Shout, hitting everybody in the raid for 4,275 to 4,725 (25 Player: 7,125 to 7,875) Physical damage.
This ability will also force the Healers to heal the raid rather than the Understudies. Jagged Knife and Disrupting Shout are more distraction abilities than real threats, as you want to keep the Understudies healed as high as possible, but must tend to the Raid whenever he uses these abilities.

Tanks should read this

Blood Strike - Primary damaging ability, causing 50% weapon damage. (4) on the hotbar.
This will be your damage ability, not much more to say.

Taunt - Melee-ranged taunt. (5) on the hotbar.
Tanks should be using this when the other tank is affected by Unbalancing Strike. more often than not, there will be ~15 seconds between taunts.

Bone Barrier - Bone Barrier reducing all damage taken by 75%. (6) on the hotbar.
This ability should be on as often as you can have it if you're tanking Razuvious, it will allow you to survive longer and give your healers more room to take care of your wounds.

The first thing to take into account is rotation for the tanks.

Both Tanks should take control of their Understudy at the same time, but Tank 2 should release control early on their understudy and then reapply the mind control, so as to always have an Understudy under control for Razuvious to attack. Here is a good example of how to do this:

0.00 - Player (1) and Player (2) take control over the 2 Death Knight Understudies.
1.00 - Player (1) casts Bone Barrier and Taunt.
16.00 - Player (2) casts Bone Barrier and Taunt
31.00 - Player (1) casts Bone Shield and Taunt AND Player (2) refreshes Mind Control.
46.00 - Player (2) casts Bone Shield and Taunt AND Player (1) refreshes Mind Control.

Healers should be prepared to heal hard on the Understudies. They have a lot of health, and will be taking a lot of damage, but the more you can cover for the damage, the more room for error you have.

Healers should also make sure that they don't forget the raid in favor of healing the Understudies, the Raid will be taking constant damage and will need to be kept healed whenever time allows. Mana may be an issue in this fight, so come prepared.

DPS should for no reason EVER pull aggro off the Tanks. If this happens, Razuvious will kill them, and perhaps switch to the raid if the Understudies cannot grab him back fast enough. Razuvious hits hard enough to make tanking them with your normal tanks an impossible task. Don't think you can survive a few hits.

If your tanks understand the rotation of their understudies, and the DPS are competant, the only real challenge in this fight is whether your healers will be able to manage the understudies and the raid both effectively and effeciently to keep their mana up.

Good Luck.

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