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Departing the Guild

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Departing the Guild Empty Departing the Guild

Post  Blackie on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:46 am

Hey guys we've never ever held anyone back. This is a guild of friends and we're supportive of each other even if you get epic fever. Don't call anyone who's left a Deserter or anything crude like that.

Thus said if you're leaving don't slip out without saying anything. Friends say goodbye and not just to one or two people you liked. That says something too.

If you're leaving take a second to think about what Covenant has done for you. Have you gotten an expensive makeover? Did we loan you gold for a second spec? Have we been taking you to instances helping you level when we could be grabbing epics ourselves? Do all the Gems, Enchants, inscriptions and crafted items you're wearing say "Made in Covenant" If so think about repaying the guild. It's not a game mechanic there to get you geared up, it's us helping you. Don't expect to still have free handouts if you're not wearing our tabard too. Friend or not that's just a ridiculous notion.

This all is something that is fairly common in guilds that reach end game content. Suddenly our players are attractive to end game guilds who have burnt out their players. There's a particular group on Kirin Tor that have been running a DKP Ponzi on wannabe raiders for as long as I've been playing there. There are guilds who will promise you greener grass over with them. It's all hard work wherever you go. Remember too if you join a guild with sixteen of every class geared for raiding you might be discovering you're a warm body to be plugged into the raid when they feel like it.


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Departing the Guild Empty Re: Departing the Guild

Post  Myre on Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:34 pm

I'll just say what I usually do when people come to me for enchants, and it should sum up my feelings on this nicely:

I'll enchant you whatever you like. I'll enchant you whoever/whatever you want.
GUILDIES get free enchants.

Otherwise you pay or bring your own mats.

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