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Tabletop RPG game stuff, gimme your opinion/ideas!

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Tabletop RPG game stuff, gimme your opinion/ideas!

Post  Myre on Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:28 pm

So, I've been working on creating my own pen and paper RPG game, similar to D&D? Not to sell, of course, I just couldn't wrap my head around D&D rules, so I decided to build my own system and own creation. My own world, in fact.

So, Why not post some of it here? tell me what you think!

Take notice that this may be hard to read, as it is copied from the notepad directly


{Human} - One of the least common of races, only 10% of them remaining from
the cataclysm. They are generally strong-willed, and this often makes
up for their lack of numbers.
::Spirited: You will not be discouraged by your weaknesses, Gains an
extra Perk each level:

{Grijil} - The feral Lizard race of the Cataclysm lands. They are very
easy to anger, prideful, and violent. If you get on one's bad side, watch out.
However, having one as an ally can be an advantage and a disadvantage, their
bloodlust makes them incredibly effective in battle, but volatile as well.
::Bloodlust: Berserk, dealing +3 extra damage per level, 30% Chance to take
damage equal to half damage dealt. Lasts 5 turns. Once a day:

{Firans} - The magical race of the Cataclysm lands, These are a race of
small invisible creatures. Their only visual cues are large tattoos upon
their arms and legs that glow, and their clothing. They have the ability
to control magics beyond that of other races.
::Control Magic: Magic bends to your will, allowing you to deal +3 extra
damage per level on all magickal attacks. 30% chance to take damage
equal to half damage dealt. Lasts 5 turns. Once a day:

{Loransil} - The spiritual race of the Cataclysm lands, this is a race of
blind seekers, They are often timid and helpless. They have patches of
dragon scales along their body, but this is the only physical trait that
differentiates themselves from Humans, Blindness aside.
::Infinite Sight: You gain the power of True sight, seeing into the
near future of one ally, once a day. In addition, you recieve a +2 on all
healing rolls:

{Cipims} - The most light hearted race of the Cataclysm lands, these small
furry creatures vary in their shapes, often taking on the form of their favored
spiritual animal sign from birth. They have few strong capabilities of their own,
however they are able to greatly encourage their companions with their own
never-ending pool of Giddiness.
::Encouraging Presence: Your presence encourages friends around you, Restoring 10 HP, MP, and
Sanity to all party members, as well as increasing damage by 2 and hit chance by 3:

{Triyan} - The titan race of the Cataclysm lands, these people are formed
from large, black metals fused together from a mastercrafter. They have the
defensive capabilities of a tank and the will of a Dragon. Their large stature
often proves a problem however in social areas.
::Shield of The Triyans: Ignores all damage taken for 3 turns, once a day:

{Kristalys} - The crystal race of the Cataclysm lands, these small creatures are
formed from magical Crystals, when harvested, gain intelligence beyond that of
any other race. They must be carried wherever they go, but they are a valuable
ally in battle due to their sluething abilities and intelligence.
::Kristal Clear Senses: You are allowed to sense the motive, alignment,
or truth of one person. Once every day:

{Jirin} - The rarest race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures are similar
to the Firans in their body remaining largely undefined, black mist surrounds them
from birth. There has only been a recorded 200 seen in the Cataclysm lands,
but they are highly valuable to a group for their fearlessness.
::Insanity: You have no Sanity bar, and incur no sanity effects:

{Crealig} - The water race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures are long, slender,
snake-like people. The lower half of their body is a scaled tail that varies in design
from person to person, and the upper half of their body is covered in scales, however,
retains it's human form. They've largely been treated as an outcast race, making their
home in the Zigni Highlands' seas. They're most at home in the water, and have no problem
adjusting to the cold.
::Cold-Blooded: Your warmth meter is not affected by the cold. In addition, you
have +2 on all stealth-related rolls, including damage rolls:

{Kurek} - The Brutish race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures are comparable to Triyans
in terms of size. Their bodies are covered in large spiked scales that pop out of their sheaths
during combat, and they carry 4 arms on their massive bodies, which make them adept at multi-tasking.
They've been known to be a slaver race.
::Brute strength: You deal 1 per level damage to all melee attackers. In addition, you deal
double damage on all attacks that include weapon damage:

{Huroq} - The Elemental race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures are basically large humans, they've
grown an attachment to the broken and shattered earth, with calloused, earth-toned skin, they have
become one with the elements around them. Most of them are known to be Pacifists, and as such they
have moved into the Snowlands to maintain a form of solitude.
::Higher power: You call upon the power of the earth to protect you and your party members from harm,
reducing all damage taken by you and your party by 50% for 3 turns. once a day:

{Pril} - The underground race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures live their lives in darkness, having
a sensitivity to light, they will rarely be seen outside of the Snowlands. They've grown earth-toned skins
similar to the Huroqs, but their affinity for living underground has given them large claws to dig and burrow
through. Their eyes are black with yellow pupils, and they've been known to lose control with prolonged exposure
to the Light. Pril have often mined Kristalys from their homes, and as such have an affinity for Kristalys.
::Tunnel worms: Your connections underground have allowed you to call 4 Tunnel worms up from the ground, rooting
4 enemies and dealing D4+1 per level damage. In addition, you deal +1 damage in dark areas:

{Fravi} - The smallest race of the Cataclysm lands, these people are closely related to the Grijil, and as such are often
found nearby them for extra protection. They've a loose handling of battle magics, however they focus more on the other abilities of magic,
namely, that of conjuration. They are usually noticed by the Large glow surrounding their bodies and the fairie wings that protrude
from them. Only the Fairie's owner is able to see the small form through the glow. They have an amazing speed, but can carry very little, they've been
known to rely on manipulative magicks to protect themselves, They have an affinity for Grijils as their protectors.
::Manipulation: you gain +5 on all influence points. In addition, you gain +1 on all perception points:

{Yuno} - The acidic race of the Cataclysm lands, these people are often very quiet and restrained, but just as easily
angered as the Grijil. They are similar to the Crealigs in that they have scaled bodies, but they retained their legs.
The majority of them can be found in the Winlodi volcano, with fiery red scales and an affinity for the heat. Their
snake-origins have granted them a mastery over Poisons
::Venom strike: You spit poison at your enemy, dealing D6 damage and D4+1 per level every turn for 3 turns. In addition,
your warmth meter is not affected by Heat:

{Riesal} - The hated race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures are outcast even among the outcast, and some champion the idea
of cleansing them from the world. The Riesal are a type of fiend spawned from the Cataclysm land, mindless and gibbering, they're
human bodies with bones terribly manipulated into a shape of a spider. Their skin is leathery and brown, stretched around the large spiked
bones to form a four-legged spider. Some of the Riesal have retained their intelligence after the Cataclysm, and as such make a new life
in their new form. They're hated by most everyone. Their arms give them little weapon selection though.
::Outcast: The Outcast life has affected your ability to cope with other races, you deal +2 damage with all pets and you gain +3 to all Perception

{Dritel} - The Untamed race of the Cataclysm lands, these creatures are largely uncivilized and wild. Some have been known to attack, others
have been known to sacrifice themselves for strangers. They're tall, fawn-like creatures that have two goat legs and long slim hands. Their skins
are green and rubbery, and their eyes are similar to that of a cat. Their forehead is framed by two horns, and they have an elongated tail.
Their language has not been studied, and as such communication with them is hard. Tribes can be found usually in forest-areas.
::Treetop Leaper: You gain one additional turn each day. In addition, you are unaffected by Slowing or rooting spells:

Lucky Soul (CLASS)

*UNIQUE ABILITIES: The Lucky Soul class doesn't purchase any Skills, and will instead learn all skills possible for it to learn. The Skills will rely on luck for their
effectiveness and some will grow stronger as the Lucky Soul levels up.


*Dice Roll:2MP: The Lucky Soul rolls a single Die, dealing D4 damage.


*Dice Roll Upgrade:2MP: The Lucky Soul rolls a single die, dealing D6 damage.

*Loaded Dice:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul rolls a pair of Dice loaded with stun powder, If it succeeds then the target is stunned for 1 turn. If it fails, The Lucky Soul is stunned
for 1 turn.


*Dice Roll Upgrade:5MP: The Lucky Soul rolls two die, dealing D4x2 damage.

*Loaded Dice Upgrade: The Stun now lasts 2 turns.

*Queen of Hearts:50% of remaining MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul attempts to draw the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards to revive a fallen party member. If this spell succeeds,
then it will bring a party member back to life with 50% Health, even one who is dead. If it fails, the Lucky Soul will lose D100 HP. Once a day use.


*Experimental Pills:7MP:-D20/5- The Lucky Soul uses some experimental pills, restoring D10 health to the target. If it Fails, The target will take D10 damage instead.

*Charm Dust:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul throws some Charm Dust at the target, if it succeeds, then the target is Charmed for 1 turn, dealing basic Physical attacks to it's
allies. If it fails, The Lucky Soul is charmed and will deal basic physical attacks to party members for one turn.


*Dice Roll Upgrade:10MP: The Lucky Soul rolls two die, dealing D6x2 damage.

*Loaded Dice Upgrade: The Stun now lasts 3 turns.

*Charm Dust Upgrade: The Charm now lasts 2 turns.

*Slot Machine:5MP:-D10- The Lucky Soul starts up a slot machine that can cause various effects. This can only happen once per day. Effects are:

Three Hearts: LUCKY GIRL - Restores 50 HP, MP, and Sanity to all party members. This will also restore to life any unconcious characters. D1

Three Bells: CHURCH BELL - Restores Sanity to all party members. D2

Three Cherries: FOOD STORES - Restores 50 HP and MP to all party members. D3

Three Guns: TOY SOLDIERS - Three Toy soldiers come out and deal D20 damage to all enemies. D4

Two Guns and one Bar: MUTINY - Three Toy pirates come out and deal D20 damage to all party members. D5

Two Cherries and one Bar: ROTTEN FOOD - Restores 50 HP and MP to all enemies. D6

Two Hearts and one Gun: LEECH - Absorbs 25 HP and MP from one target and restores to one party member. D7

Two Guns and one Heart: ABSORB - The Enemy absorbs 25 HP and MP from one target and restores it to one of his party members. D8

Three Bars: TRIPLE 7 - The Party automatically wins the battle. D9

Two Bars and one Heart: TRIPLE 6 - The Lucky Soul is knocked Unconcious and all party members have their HP reduced to 25% of their Max Health. If party members have lower than
25% health they will not be restored to 25% health. D10


*Experimental Pills Upgrade: The Pills will now Restore D15 health or deal D15 Damage.

*Lady Luck's Blessing: The Lucky Soul puts her faith in Lady Luck, Using two random abilities for no mana cost. These skills will ignore Ability lockouts, silences, or cooldowns.
This can only be used once a day.

*Black jack:20MP: The Lucky Soul summons Black Jack into battle. Black Jack will deal cards from his deck each turn to the Lucky soul, the first turn dealing 2 cards, and 1 card
each turn after. The Lucky Soul may use the added amount of the cards to damage or heal an enemy or ally. If Black Jack hits 21, The Lucky Soul will be able to deal
40 damage to an enemy and stun it for 3 turns, as well as restore 40 health to an ally and increase their damage rolls by +5. If Black Jack goes over 21, The Lucky Soul will take
D21 damage and be stunned for 2 turns. Can only be used once a day.


*Dice Roll Upgrade:15MP: The Lucky Soul rolls two die, dealing D10x2 damage.

*Charm Dust Upgrade:15MP: The Charm now lasts 3 turns.

*Hot Streak: After Successfully using any Chance skill three times in a row, The Lucky Soul deals D20 damage to all enemies. If the Lucky Soul fails any Chance skill three times
in a row, The Lucky Soul will deal D20 damage to all party members. Can only happen once per day.

*Witching Dust:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul throws some Witching Dust at the target, if it succeeds, then the target will gain Lurking Fears, And at 5 stacks will go insane and
attempt to kill itself. If it fails, the Lucky Soul loses Sanity. at 5 Failures in a row, The Lucky Soul will go insane and attempt suicide.


*Experimental Pills upgrade:15MP: The Pills will now Restore D20 health or deal D20 Damage.

*Russian Roulette:10MP:-D6- The Lucky Soul forces everyone into a game of Russian Roulette. All enemies and party members will take turns pulling the trigger of a loaded gun
until one fires the loaded bullet. The First person to roll a 6 is knocked unconcious. Some enemies may be immune to this spell. Can only be used once per day.


*Dice Roll Upgrade: On a critical hit, the Lucky Soul will now restore D10 health, mana, sanity, warmth, and air. On a Critical Miss, the Lucky Soul will now lose D10 health,
mana, sanity, warmth, and air.

*Fortune Teller:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul predicts the near future, reading the enemy's next move and target. This may be used out of combat to attempt to read a target's
action. If the skill fails, The Lucky Soul will see a false future. Can only be used once per day in combat and once per day out of combat.

-LEVEL 10-

*Shuffled Deck:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul shuffles their deck of cards, re-organizing the speed of battle. If this skill Succeeds, The Lucky Soul and their party recieves
another turn immediately. If it fails, The Lucky Soul's turn ends and all enemies gain an additional turn. will be used after all other party members have had their
turn. can only be used once per day.

*Poker Face: The Lucky Soul uses a Poker Face to sell their lies, and successfully wins a Bluff roll. Only Usable once per day.

-LEVEL 11-

*Lucky Level:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul rolls fate's die. If this skill succeeds, the Lucky Soul gains an additional Perk. If it fails, the Lucky Soul gains no perk this level. This
skill can only be used once every level up and is optional. The Human Racial ability will not allow the Lucky Soul to gain a perk if they fail.

*Learned Luck: The Lucky Soul has learned to manipulate the strings of Luck, Automatically winning one of their chance abilities. This cannot be used on certain abilities such as
Lucky Level. Only usable once every two days.

-LEVEL 12-

*Lucky Number: The Lucky Soul's Lucky number is 6. If they roll a 6 naturally, lucky things may happen to them.

*Cheating Death:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul plays Death in a game of chance when they fall unconcious. if they win, they are restored to health with max health. If they fail, Death
punishes the Lucky Soul's Party, reducing all party members to 20% health. if they are below 20% health then they are not restored to 20%.

-LEVEL 13-

*Dice Roll Upgrade:30MP: The Lucky Soul rolls a single die, dealing D30 damage.

*Strength Dust:20MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul Blows strength dust on one of her allies. If it succeeds, the ally gains 25% damage on their next attack. if it fails, the wind will
catch it and blow it to your enemy, giving them 25% damage on their next attack.

-LEVEL 14-

*Call Game:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul attempts to call the battle, returning to a safer point with their party. If it suceeds, the party flees from battle to a safe place. If it
fails, the Party's turn is over immediately and they will take +5 damage from all sources for the enemy's turn.

*Sudden Death:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul enters Sudden Death with an enemy, forcing the target to attack them for D10 turns. If it fails, the Lucky Soul must attack that target
for D10 turns with only basic attacks.

-LEVEL 15-

*Re-Roll:20MP: The Lucky Soul Demands a Re-roll on a failed Chance Skill. Once per day.

*Greedy grab:5MP: The Lucky Soul reaches into their pack and grabs a random Item. That item is duplicated immediately. Some items may not be duplicated. Once a day.

-LEVEL 16-

*Superior Alchemist:5MP:-D10- The Lucky Soul uses their self-made Potions to empower their party. This can have various effects and can only be used once a day. These effects
will last for the duration of battle. Effects are:

Careless Destruction: All players and enemies recieve the Superior Strength effect D1

Minor Aiming: The Party gains +1 on all hit rolls D2

Lesser Empowerment: The Party gains +1 on all damage rolls D3

Double-Strike: The Party will attack twice with all basic attacks for 5 turns D4

Superior Strength: The Party gains +3 on all damage and hit rolls, as well as +1 to dodge. D5

Minor Weakening: The Party rolls -1 on all Hit and damage rolls D6

Lesser Weakening: The Party rolls -2 on all Hit and damage rolls D7

Superior Weakening: The Party recieves +5 damage from all sources D8

Incredible Power: All Party members will be immune to damage the next turn D9

Numbed Muscles: All Opponents will be immune to damage the next turn D10

-LEVEL 17-

*Numerology:2MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul uses their mastery of numbers to influence their party members. If the Skill succeeds, The target Party Member gains +1 on the Roll, if
it fails, the Party Member gains -1 on the Roll. This skill can be used at any time as long as party members are nearby. this skill can be used on any roll Can only be used once
a day.

*Super Luck:5MP:-D20/10- The Lucky soul is empowered by their luck. If the Roll succeeds, the Lucky Soul gains +5 on all damage rolls, if it fails, they gain +5 on all hit rolls.
effect lasts for 5 turns.

-LEVEL 18-

*Dice Roll Upgrade:35MP: The Lucky Soul rolls a single die, dealing D40 damage.

*Playing with Fire:15MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul plays with fire. If the Roll Succeeds, the Lucky Soul lights the opponent's group on fire, dealing D10 damage each turn to all
enemies for 5 turns. if it fails, The Lucky Soul lights their party on fire, dealing D10 damage each turn for 5 turns.

-LEVEL 19-

*Black Cat:50MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul summons a Black Cat. If The Black Cat Crosses the enemy's path, All enemies will take double damage for 10 turns. If it crosses the
party's path, all party members will take double damage for 10 turns. can only be used once per 5 days.

*Lucky Streak:20MP:-D20/10- The Lucky Soul attacks with their weapon, and rolls to see if they can attack again. As long as they succeed in the roll, they will chain their

-LEVEL 20-

*Bad Luck:50MP:-D20/5- The Lucky Soul harnesses all of their luck into demonic energy and curses the target with bad luck. Each action the target takes will result in or cause
misfortune for the target. This can range from minor annoyance to a fatal mistake. Every turn the target has, The Lucky Soul will roll to see what the curse's effect is. If the
dice lands on 20, the target shall experience a great misfortune, if it is 5 or below, The curse will be removed. lasts until removal, can only be used once per day. Dice rolls
cannot be affected by any outside sources for this skill.

[[Leveling Up]]

Players of Cataclysm will not level up in the traditional Sense. There is no experience points granted for killing monsters or completing quests, and instead the DM has complete
control over character's Leveling up. If the DM feels that the player has done enough work and deserves a level up, then they may grant them one. If the player is having trouble
progressing in the game, the DM may also grant them a level to help them. The maximum level is 20. If a player feels he deserves a Level up, he may request one from the DM, but
the DM has ultimate decision and the player must have a good reason to feel he can level up.

==Important note: It may be a good idea to keep track of the monsters you've killed, as this may help persuade the DM, although it varies from person to person==

To level up, It's suggested the players should:
-Destroy a Boss Monster
-Overcome a great challenge
-Participate in events
-Finish Quests
-Role-play effeciently
-Act effeciently in their role (EX: Leader, healer, tank, etc.)
-Use Clever thinking
-Maintain desired notoriety and Alignment well
-Other acts that may impress the DM and prove you have gained enough experience for a new level.


Sanity is a measure of your character's mental stability and well-being. If your sanity falls low enough, they will start to hallucinate and lash out, with wild consequences.
Sanity can be lost in a numerous amount of ways: Whenever your character spots a Fiend they will take a small sanity loss. Whenever your character is taking a lot of damage at
once, they will lose sanity. If the Creature you're fighting has sanity magic, it can manipulate your sanity. There are plenty of other factors that may result in sanity loss,
so try to be careful! Likewise, The DM may allow the player to restore or overcome sanity through Certain actions, such as being encouraged by party members or restoring
lost health. While this is a good strategy to combat Sanity, Do not rely on it, it is the DM's decision on wether these affect your sanity or not.
The DM is allowed to choose certain hallucinations or effects based on your character and the story.

Sanity as a status is not tracked by numbers, but a rough guess of how well your character is in control of themselves, and their emotional stability at that point in time. There
is no numerical standing, so player interaction with sanity relies mostly on the DM and player interaction. When Sanity reaches critical conditions, however, the player will have
to make a sanity check. If they fail this sanity check, they will lose conciousness. If sanity reaches a hyper critical level, it is possible that the character may kill
themselves if the player fails a sanity check.

[[Rune System]]

The Rune System is a System unique to the Rune-Master class and is also available to all classes as a perk at level 7. Runes are symbols, usually found engraved on rocks or
other sturdy materials, that can be translated into understandable language. The Runes have unique magical properties, and when placed in a paragon with other runes, can form
a spell unique to the Player.
All classes except for the Rune-Master class can only create Rune spells out of given Runes, But A Rune-Master can create his own Runes at certain levels and use them himself, a
powerful ability when used right. Runes tend to translate into one word verbs or nouns that can chain into a spell, For example: Magnorok "FIRE", Ulurath "EXPLOSION",
Ragno "SELF". This leads to the idea of fire exploding from the caster, which can easily be made into a spell. More unique combinations may fizzle out into an unusable spell
or a unique and powerful one.
Runes are placed into Paragons to create spells, The paragons will determine the level of the spell. Until later levels for the Rune-Master, the only available paragons are a
3-level paragon and 4-level paragon. at Higher levels, the Rune-master will be able to craft a 5-level paragon.
It is common to find Rune-Masters with Paragons of power carved into their body, as this is the only way to make Rune Spells usable normally. If you choose not to or cannot carve
a Rune spell onto your body, you must Scribe the spell onto a Scroll that will be burnt out upon use.
The Spells that result from the Rune-system are up to the DM and player's reasoning.

A crumpled piece of paper lays strewn and forgotten on the floor. Written with excellent handwriting in deep black ink. It starts:

"Those who can speak, are blind. and those who aren't blind, can't speak. It's a sad truth, one you should do well to remember."

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