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Comments on guild raids

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Comments on guild raids Empty Comments on guild raids

Post  fdarr on Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:36 pm

First again let me apologize again. I was completely out of line and commented about Lasthingyouc in such a way it was mistaken as criticism of our great leader. I am sorry.
Again we have had trouble due to misunderstanding about raids.
SIGNING UP FOR A RAID MEANS YOU WANT TO GO AND WILL BE READY TO GO ON TIME. It does not mean you will be able to go! To put on a successful raid, one must have the correct balance of tanking, healing, range DPS and Melee. Quit often a raid will require special consideration on class and capability. We are fortunate to have some well qualified players that can play a number of different classes and specs. This makes life a little easier for the raid guide but there still is a critical composition for each raid. The raid guide must put together the right composition of classes and specs in order to have a successful raid. Some raid guides start the night before the raid to build a basic group and then add to it just before the raid. Others wait until just before the raid. Regardless, the raid guide HAS to know who will be there! If you accepeted a raid and can't make it, You have to let the raid guide know as soon as possible. If you use tenative, the raid guide will put you in the raid ONLY after the players that accepted have been let into the raid if they meet the composition requirements. Remember that the raid guide is going to be very busy in the 30 minutes before a raid so the less tells to him or her the better.
BE READY AND ON TIME!!! In life and in WOW make it a habit to be ready 15 minutes before an appointment or raid. (Digital Research Corporation lost the IBM OS contract to Microsoft because they were not on time which led to PC-DOS then MS-DOS and Windows - multi-billions of dollars because of not being ready). Use Vince Lombardi time- 15 minutes early (which is also military protocol). And be repaired and have your supplies(potions, flasks and bonus food). Do not count on a mage or fish dinner. It is a good habit to always have a weeks supplies of some items in your bank. Fdarr always has 200 Symbols of Kings, 40 mana potions, 5 flasks of the frost Wyrm and 70 mana drinks as well as 5 firecracker salmons on his person when going to any dungeon. Check the requirements for your class and spec in the raiding Bible.
Finally remember that gear score is just saying what your toon's capabilities are. It does not say how well you can use them. The special training sessions with the guild leadership in IF or Darnaseus go over how to use the capabilities and how to be most effective when you are in a raid. Be sure to attend one of them or arrange a one-on-one session.
Finally, if you have a problem with a raid, ask for a meeting with the leadership of the guild when they can talk to you and discuss your problems.
(Please note these are my comments and suggestions and are not necessarily the guild's)
Have fun!!!


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Comments on guild raids Empty Re: Comments on guild raids

Post  admin on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:51 pm

~clap clap~ Well said!

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